Triad Pairs-The First Step

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Purchasers of this study will be given enough material to practice for several months.

*For a fraction of the cost of a private lesson, purchasers of this study will receive a download packet that will include:

35-page E-book.

41-minute instructional video

Podcast version of the video

15-minute podcast outlining my personal process of learning triad pairs.

A coupon for a discounted follow-up SKYPE lesson with me

Topics Covered:

What is a triad pair?
How to determine a triad pair’s origin
How to layout a triad pair on the guitar neck (I have never seen this taught properly)
How to play triad pairs in multiple directions
How to voice-lead triad pairs in every inversion and position
How to create 4-Note Groupings
Applying your first triad pair to a variety of harmonic contexts
Applying your first triad pair over a static vamp
Applying your first triad pair over a standard blues

Applying your first triad pair over a jazz standard (There Will Never Be Another You)

*Incidentally, those that purchase The First Step will be invited to a private online workshop (date TBD) in order to help facilitate further development in these studies.


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