Vic Juris: “All That Jazz” DVD

Guitar World Magazine put out an excellent Vic Juris instructional DVD about 9 years ago that covered the following concepts:

  • Chapter 1: Best of Both Worlds: Improvising with the Lydian-dominant scale
  • Chapter 2: Alternative Routes: Implying a tritone substitution over a ii-V-I progression
  • Chapter 3: Any Color You Like: Creating modal chord scales from interval stacks
  • Chapter 4: Inner Stirrings: Creating movement within a chord voicing
  • Chapter 5: Smooth Moves: Step-wise voice leading in a cyclical chord progression
  • Chapter 6: Made for Guitar: Cool and unusual applications of the pentatonic scale
  • Chapter 7: Blues Detours, Part 1: “Extreme” chord substitutions for the first four bars of the blues progression
  • Chapter 8: Blues Detours, Part 2: “Extreme” chord substitutions for bars 9-12 of the blues progression
  • Chapter 9: Blues Detours, Park 3: Applying “extreme” chord substitutions to the first and last four bars of the blues progression
  • Chapter 10: Blues Matrix: Applying “constant-structure” chord qualities across the 12-bar blues form
  • Chapter 11: Out of Dorian: Shifting fourths in and out of the Dorian mode
  • Chapter 12: Take Your Pick: Comparing and combining alternate picking, sweeping and slurring
  • Chapter 13: Onward & Upward: Transposing melodic sequences through the cycle of fourths
  • Chapter 14: New Pathways: Sequencing arpeggios with double-stops and Coltrane changes.

Honestly, this was one of the few instructional DVD’s I have ever purchased and I must say that the clear demonstrations and masterful improvisations are worth every penny. The link is dead on Guitarworld’s website, so hopefully folks can find a copy elsewhere. However, here are 4 substantive excerpts from the DVD:

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