Harmonic Foundations Workshop #2

In this workshop we will deconstruct a simple etude which utilizes Triad Pairs. The PDF for this workshop is available at:


Triad Pairs-“3 Volume Package” is now available.

This package includes:

3 books and 2 video workshops (122 minutes worth of video in total):

1) “A Guide to Developing a Chromatic Approach”

2) Triad Pairs-“The First Step”

3) Triad Pairs-“Harmonic Foundations”

4) 2 additional Video Workshops

5) A passcode to a private study group and access to a free forthcoming live workshop. *This package will be available until the release of Triad Pairs-“A Chromatic Approach” To purchase, please visit: http://www.triadpairs.com



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