Blog Table of Contents


Lesson #1: Pat Martino Lick

Lesson #2: Pride and Joy Intro (Stevie Ray Vaughan)

Lesson #3: Wes Montgomery’s solo on Billie’s Bounce from Fingerpickin’

Lesson #4: Intro to Sweep Picking

Lesson #5: Jerry Bergonzi Patterns

Lesson #6: Pentatonic Lick

Lesson #7: The Style of Trey Anastasio

Lesson #8: Jazz Basics: Part 1-Time and Feel

Lesson #9: Jazz Basics: Part 2- ii-7 V7 Licks

Lesson #9 intro solo transcription by Bernd Moser

Lesson #10 Jazz Basic: Part 3-Comping

Lesson #11 Jazz Pentatonics-Part 1 of 3

Lesson #12 Jazz Pentatonics-Part 2 0f 3

Lesson #13 Jazz Pentatonics-Part 3 of 3

Lesson #14: Modern Pentatonics Part 1 of 3

Lesson #15: Modern Pentatonics Part 2 of 3-Lydian Pentatonic

Lesson #16: Modern Pentatonics Part 3 of 3-Advanced Side-Slipping

Lesson #17: Intro to Triad Pairs

Lesson #18: Mixing Minor and Major Pentatonics

Lesson #19: Rhythm Changes Solo

Lesson #20: Pat Metheny’s Augmented Side-Slip

Lesson #21: Jazz Concepts in Rock Playing-The Bebop Scale

Lesson #22: My Jazz Guitar Tone

Lesson #23: Applying Modal Voicings to Standard Harmony

Lesson #24: C Dorian Fusion Lick

Lesson #25: Artificial Harmonics with Pick Grip

Lesson #26-35: A study on “Tenor Madness” by Sonny Rollins Part 1-10

Lesson #36: Donna Lee Head

Stella By Starlight Triad Pairs Solo Analysis

From the Woodshed

From the Woodshed #1: Autumn Leaves 3-Note Voicing Etude

From the Woodshed#2: Autumn Leaves Voicings with Lines Etude

From the Woodshed #3: Lydian b7 Etude

From the Woodshed#4: 3-Note Voicings for Uptempo Playing

Question and Answer

Question and Answer #1: Mixing Pentatonics

Question and Answer #2: Triad Pair Questions


Article #1: General thoughts relating to the topic of transcription

Article #2: Michael Jackson RIP (August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009)

Article #3: A Philosophy of Music Education

Full Transcriptions

Miles Davis’s solo “So What” from Kind of Blue

Joe Diorio solo on “A Child is Born” from Rare Birds

David Gilmour’s solo on “Comfortably Numb” from Pink Floyd’s The Wall

Pat Metheny-solo on “Solar” from Question and Answer

Sonny Rollin’s solo on “Tenor Madness” from Tenor Madness

Wes Montgomery’s solo on “Billie’s Bounce” from Fingerpickin’


Recommendation #1: Jamey Aebersold Vol. 84: Dominant 7th Workout

Recommendation #2: Amplitube Fender

Recommendation #3: Shawn Lane

Recommendation #4: is my favorite Jazz Blog

Random Finds

Random Find #1: Michael Brecker Clinic at Texas State University (1984)

Random Find #2: Branford Marsalis on Students Today

Random Find #3: Trey Anastasio Guitar Clinic

Random Find #4: Wynton Marsalis Interview

Random Find #5: Kurt Rosenwinkel Clinic

Random Find #6: John Scofield Clinic

Random Find: #7: Why Buddy Guy will always be one of my favorites…

Random Find #8: John Coltrane Interview 1966


Podcast #1: 3-Note Voicings in Head Arrangements

Podcast #2: Tad Dameron Turnaround

Podcast #3: Side-Slipping Etude

Podcast #4: Phrygian #3

Podcast #5: Chromatic Lines over D-7

Reader Showcase

Reader Showcase #1: Adam Hancock plays “Bye Bye Blackbird” using triad pairs

Reader Showcase #2: Will Kriski


Webinar #1: Chromatic Triadic Matrix


  1. you have incredible talent. these tabs and scores are completely accurate. an amazing teacher. can we set up some private lessons?

    julius 😀

  2. hi tony,
    thanks for your in depth analysis of your great solo. i understand most of the things you are explaining, there’s only one thing that keeps puzzling me: i do know a little bit about coltrane cycles, for example the relationship between b, eb and g triads and that you can apply them in modal situations and over blues changes and stuff.
    but: seems to me that you are “interspersing” two cycles: on the one hand there’s eb, b, and g. on the other hand there’s c, e and ab. how about that????
    anyway, i’m looking forward to upcoming videos, especially on your specialities, triads, pentatonics, etc.
    one thing that I’d really like to get down is how to breathe fresh life into old chestnuts like all of me, take the a train, on the sunny side and so on. our audience keeps requesting these well known tunes and i sometimes feel the need to step out of my comfort zone, if you know what i mean.
    i could actually do some more transcriptions for you, as long as you keep your solos fairly simple rhythmwise or maybe send you some backing tracks of some old standards and you could solo on them. but i guess that would be just like carrying coal to newcastle as people in the uk put it. i suppose you have tons of them!
    thanks again and keep it up, man

  3. Hi Tony,

    I stumbled on a few of your youtube video lessons last night and loved them-the playing, the teaching methods and that beautiful tone! This site is a treasure trove-thanks for enabling other players access to the material, and for providing such great insights and inspiration.


  4. Great site. How about a lesson on triad pairs…I’ve seen a few lessons by good players but still don’t understand…or can you recommend a video? Bless up!

    1. Tony,
      I am interested in 20 principles triad pairs. Unfortunately I don’t understand anything about the computer. Do you have anything available on dvd’s . Sorry , I’m just to old but still play a lot and really want to get your product after hearing your playing .If I can get someone to buy it for my kids computer, do I own it or does it erase in time?
      Any suggestions?
      Thank you,
      Rob- in Orlando, Fl

      1. Hey man. All materials will be downloadable and you are able to have them permanently. Also, you will be invited to my private study group.

  5. I really appreciate all the knowledge that you share selflessly, I’m sure many people will find it very useful, I always check your lessons and I am very grateful there is people like you who takes the time to help beginners like me.

  6. hi…my son is a sax player.he started studying with jerry bergonzi when he was 14.if you would like to talk about his lessons etc. I was there for everyone because he couldn’t drive….like your blog and your playing…surprised your so fond of trey….I play guitar as well….be well,take care….dr. bruce

      1. thought u said he was a favorite of yours…….doesn’t really matter…….

      2. I respect his skills and desire to think outside of the box more than anything. I like some of the music but there’s a whole lot about his band that I can’t relate to. I think he’s generally underrated as a guitarist by the general public.

  7. thank you very much for sharing your knowledge, I really like your website and helps me to study guitar, a big hug from Argentina

  8. Hi, Tony! I liked your job and I intend to study here. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. God bless you. Happinesses.

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