*I no longer except private students outside of Skype!!!


1) I accept all Jazz students at any level: Beginner, Intermediate, and advanced!!!

Yes, I have finally reached the point where I feel it is in the best interest of my students and myself to focus my full attention on Jazz studies. I am completely willing to teach improvisational concepts to players that don’t necessarily identify themselves as “Jazz Musicians” as long as the student is committed to his or her studies. 

2) I am only interested in teaching improvisational music.

I know a lot of  guitar teachers create advertisements which state that they teach “All Styles!” Nonsense! Each of us specializes in a few areas of music. We might have a broad range of experiences but most of us gravitate toward a few specific genres. I mean, I ‘m not going to pretend to teach folk guitar when I don’t know how to play a single James Taylor or Martin Sexton tune with any authority. Just consider me a Blues/Rock/Jazz guy with a experiences in other genres.

3) I would prefer that all potential students provide me with a recorded example of their playing.

Truthfully, most of my current students have already done this. I don’t care about recording quality or mistakes, I just want to hear you get around the fret board. If you are only looking for one or two lessons here or there, a recording is not required.

What is required?

  • Internet broad or Cable.
  • A webcam and a microphone (built in is fine.)
  • The Skype application, which is free to download HERE.
  • A Paypal account, Which is also free to setup HERE.

How the lessons work?

Step 1) Generally, I like to get familiar with a potential student via e-mail BEFORE our first lesson. It’s always nice when a student drops me a little message outlining what they think their strengths and problem areas are in terms of their playing. I also like to hear about the students goals and influences as well. I find that exchanging an e-mail saves us time in the lesson and allows me to prepare a custom program for each individual.

Step 2) Once the student and I have made contact, the next step is set up an agreed upon time to do the lesson. Most of the students I have taught thus far are, in fact, from other countries. This is not a problem for me because I keep odd hours. If you want to check out the time differential between myself and you go to:

My location is on the East Coast of the United States, so you can put in Suffield, Connecticut USA.

Step 3) Once we have established a lesson time, I respectfully ask that payment be made to my Paypal account. My Paypal account is the same as my personal e-mail:

For those inexperienced with Paypal, I can assure you that it is the easiest and most repudable money transfer system on the entire internet. Plus, it is free to set up an account.

Step 4) Lesson time. In the lesson, I document all of the material we cover and make sure that you are sent all the necessary handouts in PDF format in a timely fashion. I will notate in both standard and tablature to allow for easy reading. Additionally, I will provide the student with any backing tracks and materials that might aid in his or her study. These provided materials will be free of charge.

Step 5) After the lesson is complete, you can get further support (free of charge) through e-mail before your next lesson. Feel free to send me recorded examples if you would like me to critique your progress in respect to the material you are working on. I also don’t mind answering any questions a student might have regarding anything we might have covered.

Who are Lessons Available to?

My lessons are available to anyone that plays any instrument at an intermediate to advanced level. I have taught many people that play various instruments many times over.

One Final Note on Skype Lesson Prices.

In discussing my plans with a few of my associates, I have been advised to raise my rates because I might risk “under-selling” myself. In this tough economic time I realize that music lessons can be considered a luxury-not a necessity. I ask everyone to understand that this and this only, is the reason that my lessons may be a less expensive than say, “Joe-Rock-Out-Dude” or “Marginally Known NYC Jazz Guitarist’s” Skype lessons. This is also the reason that I will be making every reasonable attempt to accommodate committed students who may be experiencing financial challenges. I would appreciate everyone’s honesty regarding requests for special consideration.

For current rates and availability, please e-mail me at:

I look forward to working with you all!-Tone

I invite you all to read a brief summary of my philosophy of education Here.

Here is a brief summary of my music credentials as well:

Formal Education:

B.A. Berklee College of Music

Awards Received:

International Association of Jazz Educators Talent Award.
HCC Talent Award
National Guitar Workshop Internship and Scholarship
Berklee College of Music B.E.S.T. Scholarship

People I’ve studied with:

Archie Shepp, Pat Martino, Mick Goodrick, Jim Kelly, Larry Baoine, and Bruce Bartlett.

People I’ve played with:

In addition to opening up for several internationally known bands, I have shared the stage with Larry Coryell, Archie Shepp, Claudio Roditi, and John Petrucci (Dream Theater)

Some of the Producers/engineers I have worked with include:

Matt Hennessy* (Wu-Tang, Beyonce, Kanye West, Aerosmith, Mariah Carey, Curtis Mayfield, Jay-Z, Jennifer Lopez) *Grammy Winner
Jesse Henderson (The Rolling Stones, The Cars, Bad Brains, Aerosmith, Arlo Guthrie, Pat Metheny)
Barry Marshall (Aimee Mann, New Kids on The Block, Madonna, Lavern Baker, Peter Wolf)
Pete Peloquinn (Ani Difranco, Pixies, Oasis, Mission of Burma, Interpol)
John Lupter (The Dead Milkmen, James Taylor, Al Kooper)
Mark Donahue (Thurston Mooore, Yo-Yo Ma, Kronos Quartet)
Billl Crabtree (Rounder Records, Simon and Schuster)

World Class Studios I have recorded in and/or participated in sessions at:

Waltz Audio
Q Division
Longview Farms
New Alliance

Places I’ve taught:

National Guitar Workshop
PCA @ St. John’s Univeristy

Media Appearances:

CNN (National)
Limewire Blog
The Boston Globe


  1. Hi everybody.
    I took a Skypelesson with Tony some days ago and thought I´d drop a line about how it went for everybody.

    In short, I would say: I totally recommend these lessons to everyone.

    Tony responded quickly and friendly to all my emails and showed himself very interested in my musical “personality” and in my development. We had some exchange of emails before the lesson to clearify what problems I was facing and what I wanted to learn (my lesson was about jazz comping). Thanks to those emails we could start right away once we met online and Tony is not only a fantastic guitarist (as you all know from his videos) but also a really great teacher (you should read his post on “philosophy of teaching”, too).

    He gave me good advice and really a lot of stuff to work on – but in a very structured manner, so that I wasn´t overwhelmed by the sheer amount of material.

    I have been working on that material for a few days now and it´s really helping my playing.

    Plus, I received two pages of handout in standard notation and tab about what we were covering in the lesson and some backing tracks, too.

    I will definitely take more lessons in the future.

    Greetings from Germany

    ps: I would also like to point out that the time difference of six hours was no problem in setting a date and that I think that the rate at which these lessons are offered right now are absolutely fair in my opinion. Even being a student and not having tons of money I believe that good work should be payed for properly and I feel that I really got actually more than my money´s worth.

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