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Triad Pairs Workshop 5.30.2019

Triad Pairs-The First Step is now available to purchase through my store!!!

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Purchasers of this study will be given enough material to practice for several months.

*For a fraction of the cost of a private lesson, purchasers of this study will receive a download packet that will include:

35-page E-book.

41-minute instructional video

Podcast version of the video

15-minute podcast outlining my personal process of learning triad pairs.

A coupon for a discounted follow-up SKYPE lesson with me

Topics Covered:

What is a triad pair?
How to determine a triad pair’s origin
How to layout a triad pair on the guitar neck (I have never seen this taught properly)
How to play triad pairs in multiple directions
How to voice-lead triad pairs in every inversion and position
How to create 4-Note Groupings
Applying your first triad pair to a variety of harmonic contexts
Applying your first triad pair over a static vamp
Applying your first triad pair over a standard blues

Applying your first triad pair over a jazz standard (There Will Never Be Another You)

*Incidentally, those that purchase The First Step will be invited to a private online workshop (date TBD) in order to help facilitate further development in these studies.

1-Hour Lesson: $40.00 
½ Hour Lesson: $25.00 
Three 1-Hour Lessons: $100.00 (Save $20.00)
My Webstore is now open!!!
Hey everyone, I just wanted to let you know that my Web Store is finally open. I know many of you already purchased “A Guide to Developing a Chromatic Language” but I have received requests on a weekly basis asking to purchase it, so I have made that available. I won’t be adding a lot of products but there is a forthcoming project that I will announce shortly before “The Big One” drops (hint, hint), so check back soon for that. Also, checkout is secured through Paypal. Thanks-Tone
Here is the trailer for the store:
 NEW LESSON: Stella By Starlight Traid Pairs Solo Analysis:
The Triad Pairs Instagram page is now active. You can now follow at:

New Article in Fingerstyle360 Magazine!

I hope my friends in the guitar world will check out Fingerstyle 360. The new issue features Earl Klugh on the cover. Over 100 pages of workshops, transcriptions and interviews. New series on the guitar style of Lenny Breau and much more. This is a downloadable magazine for less than $20 a year!
My article deals with some advanced harmonic concepts that Jazz musicians are sure to enjoy.




New Article in Fingerstyle360 Magazine!
I hope my friends in the guitar world will check out Fingerstyle 360. The new issue features Tuck Andress on the cover. Over 100 pages of workshops, transcriptions and interviews. New series on the guitar style of Lenny Breau and much more. This is a downloadable magazine for less than $20 a year! Next issue Earl Klugh.
My article deals with some advanced harmonic concepts that Jazz musicians are sure to enjoy.



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  1. There is so little knowledgeable discussion of Anastasio’s techniques out there, despite his characteristic and popular original style. This makes your intelligent analyses of his compositions all the more valuable. The tab alone, which is plentiful on the net, does not reveal the logic and the theoretical basis for what Trey is doing. I would certainly purchase a high quality teaching DVD detailing his style if you ever had the time and energy to put it together.

    Thanks, and keep it up if you have the time and interest.


  2. Hey thats such good stuff your putting down Be-bop Lines that an fusion are my favorits well I could say, I love all music played right. I am new to your cite An I am digging it . The Pat Martino Lesson is the first one Ive seen u do So with all do respect Ive got go to check all what you got . I play also all kind of music but I got to sharpen up on my be-bop ,thats where u come in. anyway nice talking to you Lorenzo

      1. Great news! I signed up for your rss feed, and I’m looking forward to see your next lessons. For years I just played straight using tab as a crutch, but I’m trying to turn over a new sweet leaf and learn some theory by applying it to songs. Speed and dexterity aren’t so much a concern for me now, but I’ve got to get back to the theory I skipped as a kid… Getting to know your process for identifying chord changes and the appropriate key/scales/modes that fit would help me out a lot.

  3. Tone,
    I just tripped over your site and man….I am glad I’m here. Great stuff. I was wondering…what are you using for your backing tracks?


  4. hi i would like to know about any other great tips you might have that arent included in the pride and joy video on youtube. its been really helpful and you make learning it simple which means a lot since im basically a beginner.oh and do you do anything with hendrix songs? ill probably figure out if i start looking around the site instead of playin guitar lol thanks

  5. I want to reiterate what has been said above–there is a paucity of serious analysis of Trey’s playing amid a MASS of utter devotion to it on an emotional level. This is the disconnect I have felt with Phish fans among my friends, but what speaks to me about Phish the most. Thank you! This is partly over my head, but that’s what I want; something that stimulates me to learn about his style.

  6. hi, i think this site is really great to learn jazz guitar please send me notifications for regular online lessons! Thanks

    Yours Sincerely

  7. I am a real frustrated guitarist who still cannot figure how you do the Billie Bounce by Wes. I couldnt fiind the pdf file either. please HELP or forward it to my email address tengp@singnet.com

    yours sincerely

  8. Tony – I’m a fellow JBGI’r – just wanted to say that I really dig the blog. I love your approach and look forward to checking out everything here – really great playing, thanks.

  9. Thank you for this fantastic information because finding relevant sites on this topic is sometimes hard to find. You did an excellent job covering the subject and I look forward to more posts from your site. Do you offer RSS Feeds or feedburner to get more content for our blogs? I will be sure to include links from my other blogs to yours.

  10. Hey Man,
    Your lessons have been a great help to me. I studied jazz at Berklee and Temple University; both great experiences. However, you get through to me somehow…
    I am curious if you could possibly do a lesson on “Green Dolphin Street” and “Giant Step”.

    The bigger picture I get, but these songs kick my butt for some reason. As well, there are no quality guitar versions I can find of green Dolphin Street on the internet.

    If you can do it, I’d be quite happy!


    John Sagnella

  11. Hi Tony.

    Good to know that you´re back. I am looking forward to your new lessons.
    Nice version of “all the things you are” in the update video, btw.

    Are you planning to do a lesson on minor ii V i´s? I really have a hard time figuring out the scales and some cool licks for those…

    And, please could you tell us which chord sequence your comping over in the intro of in the comping lesson (#10)….???

    Thanks and keep up the good work,
    Greetings from Germany


  12. Tony! You RULE dude! Thanks for the insight into such awesome players as Trey Anastasio! Much obliged! I’m looking forward to getting knee deep in your archives and look forward to future updates! Is that a Shoreline Gold Strat Plus your playin’? Sweet! I’ve got the Blue Pearl Dust equivalent! Keep on rockin!

  13. Great lessons and links.. A great resource for all good guitar players trying to be great… 🙂

  14. Stumbled here by accident and became very interested in your playing and sense of time. Will be here often!

  15. I have had a couple of skpe lessons with Tony and I have had a blast!Tony is a great teacher all his explanations are clear and easy to understand,His fretboard knowledge is second to none!I have found my playing improve immediately!!!

  16. Would it be possible to get / have the backing track of that “Lesson #15: Modern Pentatonics Part 2-Lydian Pentatonic” ?? it would be wonderful to have to practice with it.Do you have any other ‘backing tracks’ available? Pls email me.I’m Jac and subscribed to your letters. Cya, take care.

  17. Well Jac, calm down. How rude? Even though lessons don’t seem to show up and I don’t think site is being maintained?
    With people like you Jac, nothing will happen? Get real.

  18. hi tony, thanks for a great site.i just added me to your monthly news email and i like to try the coltrane lessonmis it porsible for iyu to sent it to me.thanks

  19. Hi there,

    Is it still possible to get the 1st newsletter with the turnarounds?

    Thx for any info!


  20. hi tony,
    nice to have you back. you may remember me, i’m the guy from austria who sent you a transcription of one of your solos a while ago.
    a topic that really keeps intruiging me is your concept of mixing pentatonics. if you wanna know exactly what i’m referring to, go to your #5 lesson, the one on bergonzi patterns. at about 8:51 you seem to leave Cm pentatonic. what happens then is one of the most enlightening AND enigmatic examples of pentatonic usage I’ve ever come across. of course i’m aware that this mainly works because of your incredibly strong sense of phrasing. could you possibly do another lesson on this concept? maybe using it to get sort of outside soloing over a jazz standard and not only on a one chord vamp? that would be wonderful!!
    thanks in advance + greetings from austria!

    bernd moser

  21. Great site, Tony! Thanks for sharing all these great lessons 🙂 I’ve been working on the Pat Metheny augmented lick and finding ways to play it in other positions and octaves. Check out some of my George Benson, Oz Noy, and Richie Kotzen transcriptions at my blog, if you have the time.

  22. Hey Tony-

    Nice to meet you. Love your playing. With regards to the contest, I’m up for the challenge. I’ve been meaning to hit you up for a Skype lesson; however, I have been strapped for cash. This is a great opportunity for me. Would you kindly send the “Foam” transcription via email? Looking forward to the challenge.

  23. I like the way you play, and the way you explain things. I’m an older guy that has been playing guitar on and off through the years, but nothing serious. I just love jazz guitar. I’ve just purchased Jimmy Bruno’s “Inside outside Jazz Guitar” CD, and it’s kind of keeping me busy, but I think that I will get in touch with you in the near future. Love your web-page…Thanks

  24. I just stumbled across your youtube videos, and have to say that I find them to be the best jazz guitar instruction I’ve seen yet on the web. Thanks a lot for sharing your wealth of knowledge. One thing I really like are the backing tracks you use to demonstrate your solos – what do you use to generate them?

  25. Hey Tony, is your book on triad pairs finished. I have Gary Campbell’s book it’s great. I’ve been waiting to see yours. You seem to have it down and there is not enough written out there on this concept. Very little writing on triad pairs by any guitarist. You know what would be helpful is a reference chart for triad pair applications and/or substitutions like the one for jazz lines in the Bebop Bible by Les Wise.
    I am sure something like that would be quite complex but it would be nice to have a concise and comprehensive guide to the uses of various types of pairs in typical harmonic situations.
    You could even post something like that on your website.

  26. Hi Tony, I noticed that in your first webinar you have a chart for applications of the triads from the diminished scale and the demonstrations are great too. That is exactly the type of thing that I was talking about. Oh well, I’m still looking forward to seeing your book hope it’s available soon!

  27. I hope U will check out my gig! Vinnie Zummo Mike Clark and Yasushi Nakamura,Sunday, March 4 at 4 PM – 5:15 PM
    PM . At the Triad Theater 158 W 72nd St, New York, NY 10023

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