50 Favorite Jazz Albums

50 Favorite Recently, I came across one of those “100 Best Jazz Albums” lists on someone’s Facebook status. Of course there is always a certain amount of subjectivity and alterable criteria embedded in these lists but there are a few records that will most likely turn up on any list. Anyway, I started thinking about what jazz records had the most influence on me and I realized that many of them would never turn up on a list like this simply due to the fact that they never garnered enough commercial success or “critical” acclaim. I thought it would be fun to create my own list of favorite jazz records and share them with the readers of my sites. Here are the three parameters I have set for myself in compiling this list:

  • I will choose 1 record per week for 50 weeks straight.
  • I won’t be writing a record review on each album. However, I will be attaching a personal note related to my relationship with the album.
  • I will only choose 1 record per artist. Honestly, if I didn’t set this limitation you’d probably see 10 John Coltrane records on there.


Week #1: George Garzone-“Moodiology”

Week #2: Fred Houn and the Afro-Asian Music Ensemble-“Tomorrow-is-now!”

Week #3: Archie Shepp/Horace Parlan-“Goin’ Home”

Week #4: James Carter/Cyrus Chestnut/Reginald Veal/Ali Jackson: “Gold Sounds”


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