Triad Pairs Workshop on Facebook Live 12.22.2018

Join me on Facebook live to discuss the process of applying Triad Pairs to common jazz standards. This workshop will take place in my private Triad Pairs Study Group page on 12.22.2018 @ 12pm EST Anyone who has purchased one of my educational products will granted access to my Study Group via password.

Products may be purchased using the link below:

Triad Pairs-“The First Step” is now available for Purchase Purchasers of this study will be given enough material to practice for several months.

*For a fraction of the cost of a private lesson, purchasers of this study will receive a download packet that will include:

35-page E-book. 41-minute instructional video Podcast version of the video 15-minute podcast outlining my personal process of learning triad pairs. A coupon for a discounted follow-up SKYPE lesson with me Topics Covered:

What is a triad pair? How to determine a triad pair’s origin How to layout a triad pair on the guitar neck (I have never seen this taught properly) How to play triad pairs in multiple directions How to voice-lead triad pairs in every inversion and position How to create 4-Note Groupings Applying your first triad pair to a variety of harmonic contexts Applying your first triad pair over a static vamp Applying your first triad pair over a standard blues Applying your first triad pair over a jazz standard (There Will Never Be Another You) *Incidentally, those that purchase The First Step will be invited to a private online workshop (date TBD) in order to help facilitate further development in these studies.


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