Triad Pairs Etude on the Changes to “Oleo”

The following is a triad pair etude based on the changes for “Oleo” that was originally a test track I created for my forthcoming book: “Triad Pairs-Harmonic Foundations.” I have decided not to use a rhythm changes etude for the final product but I thought the bridge section-in particular-yielded some decent things in respect to upper-structure and triad pair use. Please note: I have decided to label all triads in this etude, whether they occur in pairs or are surrounded by chromatic approaches.


The audio for this etude can be streamed and downloaded here:


The PDF File for this etude can be found here:




1 Comment

  1. Hi TonyThank you!You have a etude over the jobim tune wave?I have problems to play over the F#7 B7 E7 part..and yes i know its a dominant chaine..but in the context of this tune it sounds to ..hmm..i dont know ..Thank youAll the bestManuelVon meinem Samsung Galaxy Smartphone gesendet.

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