Triad Pairs Book Progress

Triad Pairs Cover

Good week for me! I completed around 33 pages of the book. If I can maintain a steady pace, it looks like I could complete everything within the next two months. I’m also finding easier ways to handle the work load more efficiently at this point. I just have to keep riding this wave of motivation.

This week I completed an etude based on the changes for “Oleo.” I did it fairly quickly

I uploaded a preview of the etude below:

BTW, here’s a list of the standards that will appear in the book:

1) Ornithology

2) All The Things You Are

3) Stella By Starlight

4) Have You Met Miss Jones

5) Solar

6) Oleo

7) How Insensitive

8) Waltz For Debby

9) Body and Soul

10) Giant Steps

Here’s where I am at on January 25th, 20015:

Skeleton of the book:

*The book will be between 150-200 pages in length.

1) Intro and explanation of the theory.

(Will compete upon conclusion of all material)

2) Intro to first Triad Pair: This section will take up the majority of the book.

One Triad Pair will be exhausted in all of its variations. I will introduce the fundamentals of chromaticising the Pair in this section. Several one-chord vamp etudes will presented throughout. There will also be a series of two-chorus Blues etudes interspersed into this section.

(60% Complete)

3) All other Triad Pairs will be presented.

(100% Complete)

4) 10 Jazz Standard etudes: These standards were chosen by you in a recent poll. (30% Complete)

5) All Etudes and Standard solos will be recorded at reasonable and pragmatic tempos. No, there will be no draggy exaggerated examples. Also, I won’t try to break the metronome in an attempt to impress the student. Tempos will mostly fall between 120-240 BPM.



  1. Hey man. I am just getting back into playing guitar and I found your blog and videos to be most inspiring. My basic theory – modes, intervals, knowing the neck – is moderate but I’m working now on fundamental skills like sight reading, ear training and playing some standards in all positions. Anyway, it is a tough road but your videos and words inspire me to play. Your videos on triad pairs really blew my mind and I can’t wait for your to finish this book. I’ll definitely be picking it up. Thanks for all your help.

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