From the Woodshed #3: Lydian b7 Etude

Here is a simple Lydian b7 Etude  over a simple D7 vamp. Pay close attention to the way in which the etude employs both scale-motion and triadic passages within each line. I would also recommend that readers use the fingerings written in the tablature. 

Click the Image to Download the PDF for this lesson:

Screen Shot 2014-07-19 at 7.31.15 PM



  1. I was going to learn some Lenny Breau, however, I spent the whole evening on your etude, thanks! I played it slow, fast, clean, distorted, with/without reverb and in many positions and keys. Then I mixed it with some Allan Holdsworth licks I learned on another dominant vamp he was patched into on one of those long distance recording projects. Best regards! ~y

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