Question and Answer #2: Triad Pairs Questions

In Question and Answer #2, I answer the following questions:

1) When is your book going to be complete? I think you said end of 2013.

2) Is Gary Campbell’s “Triad Pairs for Jazz” worth it? Not from a money sense, but from a time invested sense. You mentioned you broke away from it, so hence my question. My sense is to wait for your book.

3) Bigger question – I don’t get why triad playing works so much better than chord scale for people (I guess including yourself) because per your example of Ab7 using Eb Minor Melodic…one would already know to use the Eb MM scale and if you could do that…why break it out into triads. What is the advantage? It’s just as much if not more to learn, and intrinsically, all those triads are nothing more than the scale itself.


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