Question and Answer #1


The PDF for this lesson can be found here.

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  1. Thanks Tony, how very kind of you. i was really overwhelmed when i opened today’s youtube video. looking at the first bar, i guess it takes a lot of self confidence to do things like that! but i understand that it’s most important that your line contains some kind of inner logic and direction. of course i’ve transcribed the rest of these 16 bars right away. interesting stuff! one last question if i may:
    in bars 7 and 8 you seem to use Abm pentatonic followed by just a hint of Gm. Did you do this to replace two bars of Gm7 and C7 as suggested by the realbook changes?
    thanks again,

  2. Very cool. Scott Henderson had some interesting concepts on pentatonics too, and this dovetails really nicely (especially the side slip aspect too), so thanks for sharing it!

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