Lesson #17: Intro to Triad Pairs



The PDF for this lesson is here:

Lesson #17

I can’t say enough about Triad Pairs. For  me, this concept was a total game changer. After years of struggling with “chord scales”, the Jazz language finally started to open up for me through this method. At this point I look at chord scales as “place holders” of information but I never focus on them as a source of improvisational material. Instead, I look at each chord as a symbol that suggests several potential triads with in a family.

If you want to hear a guitarist who takes the triadic approach to the extreme, I recommend you check out NYC’s own Chris Croccc. Crocco is a disciple of the great George Garzone and he even appears on Garzone’s “Chromatic Triadic” DVD. Here he is playing “Giant Steps”:

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  1. great “intro to triad pairs”. can you show more about this topic. how you play it on the fretboard? there are many ways,,where should i start? thks

  2. Just curious – how do you justify this triad concept against your other lessons that promote learning all the major/minor pentatonic scales? ie is breaking up scales into pentatonic patterns better than just practicing scales? After 30 years of teaching/playing I find that the most productive approach is probably to learn melodic lines/phrases especially at higher speeds which require you having gotten them up to speed. A lot of students aren’t really capable or willing to actually derive lines from all the theory and scales, especially since they don’t know the language (ie jazz).

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