Lesson #15: Modern Pentatonics Part 2 of 3-Lydian Pentatonic

The PDF for this lesson is Here!

I first heard about the Lydian Pentatonic scale in respect to the great Trumpeter Woody Shaw. I have since become a big fan of Woody Shaw and have learned that many of his concepts deal with a broad range of pentatonic scales. Honestly, I haven’t really found many guitar players that utilize the scale very much. Feel free to write and let me know if you have heard any. I may do a second lesson dealing with using the scale in key situations over jazz tunes. I am op

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  1. Thank you very much for your great lessons, in particular this on. There has been this lick I have always tried to figure out( Steve Masakowski on Mose Allison’s MY BACKYARD-“white man steals the blues”)..All the guitar work in there I love… For a while I thought it was the diminished scale and now it is pretty obvious the Lydian Pentatonic is its base..

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