Lesson #10-Jazz Basics Part 3: Comping

The PDF for this lesson is here:

Lesson #10

Blog will be up tomorrow…

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  1. hi tony,
    this is bernd! you’ve just knocked me off my feet again with your intro. seems i’m in for another transcription job. what sort of progression is it this time?
    keep it up, man!

    1. Hi Tony.

      Thanks for your great lessons.

      Bernd, did you find out the changes from the piece on the beginning? I really liked your transcription of the ‘Solar’ solo. Great job!
      Please let me know if you suceeded with this piece, too. Email is

      Tony, why aren´t you putting up new stuff? Your lessons really are excellent…

      I hope you´re doing good,
      all the best wishes from Amsterdam,
      The Netherlands,


  2. Your vids are great. Keep it up. I’m learning alot and I would love to see more comping videos. It is my weak spot. Thanks again for all of your time and effort.

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