Random Find #3: Wynton Marsalis Interview

I recently stumbled on this excellent Wynton Marsalis interview conducted by Lois Eric Elie on September 18, 1989. So much time has passed since this interview was captured, yet much of what Wynton espouses in it seems relevant today. Incidentally, I agree with every single point Wynton makes here with out exception.

The interview can be downloaded in PDF form by clicking here:

Wynton Marsalis Interview

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  1. Some jewels in that interview. I didn’t picture Wynton growing up in Kenner. Also, I’m gonna have to check out some Jelly Roll from the library… I used to have a Lomax compilation disk but between flood and fire it’s lost. I wish that whole Library of Congress audio was free online somewhere.

    That Chinese pentatonic thing he mentioned got me thinking too. Maybe I heard that years ago and just forgot, but I’ve thought humans favor certain sound frequencies, just as we would favor certain smells.

    Thanks for posting… Almost too much to absorb in that one.

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