Random Find #3: Trey Anastasio Guitar Clinic


Somebody gave me this 50+ minute MP3 of Trey Anastasio giving a guitar Clinic at the National Guitar Summer Workshop in 1993. I know for a fact that Trey was a student there at one point. I actually attended the workshop for 3 sessions, and taught there for 4 years. It was one of the most rewarding and intellectually stimulating experiences I have ever had. I got to play with and learn from some of the greatest musicians of our time! I highly recommend the program to anyone whose serious about guitar.

Anyway, I gave the clinic a quick listen and here are some of the main points Trey touches upon:

*Group Improvisation Exercises

*The creation and origins of “Stash”

*The Influence of Ted Dunbar

* Tension and release in simple improvisation

* His experiences studying composition with Ernie Stires

Anyway, Enjoy!

Click the following link to download the file:


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  1. Trey was a Tafty…as in Taft School (Watertown, CT)…that workshop was at Canterbury School in New Milford, CT. Trey is no Saint! jk

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