Recommendation #1: Jamey Aebersold Vol. 84: Dominant 7th Work Out

Recently, I had the good fortune of acquiring the entire Jamey Aebersold collection (in MP3/PDF format) from a fellow Internet gangster who I might refer to as “Blackbeard.”  Truthfully, some of the volumes contain tracks with quite a few errors in the chord changes and forms. What’s worse is that some of the play-a-longs are actually pretty awkward to play against. For example, Volume 64’s “Moonlight in Vermont” (a jazz guitar standard) sounds like the accompaniment is performed by a clunky jam band organist. It’s not all bad though. In fact, most of the volumes have something salvageable contained with in them. One of the volumes I find myself working with most often is Volume 84: Dominant 7th Workout. This 2-disk collection is a must have for any musician with affinity for the Dom. 7th chord and it’s many functions. The first disk features 12 vamping tracks (one for each key) played at a medium tempo. The next 3 tracks take you through the entire cycle of Dominants. Disk 1’s last track goes through all the Dominant 7 chords chromatically. The second disk has a lot more filler than the first but there are some nice Altered Dominant tracks and minor ii-V-7 tracks that any player can benefit from.


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