Lesson #4: Intro to Sweep picking

PDF file for this lesson:

Intro to Sweep Picking

Man, putting this lesson together was such a drag. You see, if you don’t sweep for a while you really lose a lot of speed. This summer I taught hundreds of students who were all interested in sweep picking. By the end of August, I was flying across the neck with the greatest of ease. Truthfully, I haven’t swept a note for quite some time. Honestly, I never studied shred guitar or listened to 80’s metal. I came to sweeping by accident really. I used to transcribe Grant Green a lot and he would always do these little raking patterns that I would learn. Eventually, I tried actually sounding out the notes and that lead to some basic sweeping skills. Although, I do have to admit that I am friends with two of the best guitarists in the world who specialize in such techniques:

Adam Ross 

Scott Abramson

I’m sure being around them a lot rubbed off on me a bit…


2 thoughts on “Lesson #4: Intro to Sweep picking

  1. Really appreciate the effort you put into your lessons. I’m an oldie trying to get back onto playing guitar and you have helped immensely. Keep up the great work!

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