Lesson #4: Intro to Sweep picking

PDF file for this lesson:

Intro to Sweep Picking

Man, putting this lesson together was such a drag. You see, if you don’t sweep for a while you really lose a lot of speed. This summer I taught hundreds of students who were all interested in sweep picking. By the end of August, I was flying across the neck with the greatest of ease. Truthfully, I haven’t swept a note for quite some time. Honestly, I never studied shred guitar or listened to 80’s metal. I came to sweeping by accident really. I used to transcribe Grant Green a lot and he would always do these little raking patterns that I would learn. Eventually, I tried actually sounding out the notes and that lead to some basic sweeping skills. Although, I do have to admit that I am friends with two of the best guitarists in the world who specialize in such techniques:

Adam Ross 

Scott Abramson

I’m sure being around them a lot rubbed off on me a bit…



  1. Really appreciate the effort you put into your lessons. I’m an oldie trying to get back onto playing guitar and you have helped immensely. Keep up the great work!

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